Become a Dealer

Our Experience And Efficiency = Your Profit

Let us help you become a successful propane dealer! Since 1969, we have filled, refilled, recycled and delivered more than 2,500,000 tanks of propane to retail outlets like yours. Adding the Pick Up Propane profit center to your business takes as little as 8.5 square feet—outside!.

It's simple to operate:

  1. You ring up sales using the simple bar code guide.
  2. You the customer are paid for the tank
  3. We keep you supplied with fresh-filled, safety checked tanks—and we remove the empties each trip.
  4. You get turnkey merchandising tools and marketing support through our online dealer locator.

Since the tanks are filled and sealed at our plant, your staff doesn't need lengthy additional training to service customers. The locked cage with signage self-sells our profitable product!

Our Delivery Representatives Do Much More Than That:
They are certified in all aspects of propane handling and safety, by both our in-house safety department and by national industry-administered continuing education. Every time we arrive at your business, you can be certain that your Pick Up Propane profit center will be safe, secure and attractive to the public. And full of fresh tanks of profitable propane for you to sell.

Our High Quality Standards Will Satisfy Your Customers

  • Each fill valve is safety-checked and wrapped with our remove-before-use "full" seal. Just look for the seals to know how many full tanks you have on hand.
  • Our tanks have that brand new look with a distinctive logo to keep customers coming back to you when they need propane for their BBQ.
  • Each tank surface and foot is inspected prior to filling. If it doesn't pass, we recondition, replace or recycle.
  • Our standards are strict: we destroy thousands of worn out tanks per year, for safety's sake.

We Provide Training For Our Dealers
Complete training for your store personnel is available at no charge to you. This includes:

  1. Tank handling
  2. Cage locks and security
  3. Customer questions and concerns

Because we safely refill and seal your tanks at our plants, you avoid the mandated lengthy training and the risks of handling any combustible fuel.

Customer Service: Our Top Commitment
Our commitment to your propane sales success begins long before we arrive at your location. Our nearly one million gallon propane storage capacity, our own rail facility, wholesale bulk truck fleet and ten locations help us keep our prices and supplies stable. Our drivers are trained, tested and nationally certified in safe fuel handling. We will train you or your manager, free of charge. You can reach us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, via our toll-free number. We've led the propane industry in innovation ever since we began, in California's Central Valley, in 1969. After 2,500,000 tanks exchanged so far, and added millions of gallons to California's homes, farms and industry, we're still innovating, so that even more of your customers will "Pick Up Propane".

Pick Up Propane™ is part of Kamps Propane, a Kamps family propane business begun in 1969 and still based in Manteca, California. Our mission is to deliver high quality propane to California's homes, businesses, farms and industry, safely and economically. Every full tank, from BBQ tanks to bulk trailer truck loads, contains our commitment to customer service.