Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy propane for my barbecue or cooking equipment?

Use the Pick-Up Propane™ retail location finder to find your most convenient location. You can put in your own location or a location where you want to buy your propane and we'll show you the locations closest to you.

Can I buy propane in the evenings, on the weekend or on holidays?

Our retail location finder will give you the information you need about store hours for the location you select. Our retailers set their own operating hours but you can often buy Pick-Up Propane™ 7 days a week and some locations are even open 24 hours a day. Holiday day hours will vary so please contact the store for details.

What do I need to do?

It's simple – find your preferred Pick-Up Propane™ retailer. Bring your empty propane tank to the location and leave it next to the Pick-Up Propane™ tank cage outside of the store. Go inside and pay for your tank exchange and the retailer will provide you with your safety-inspected and refilled tank. Take your full tank home, reconnect it to your barbecue and you are ready to cook!

What does it cost?

There are three (3) prices (exchange, upgrade & sale) for Pick-Up Propane™. If you don't have a tank to exchange you will pay for the cost of the fuel and the tank. If you bring your tank for exchange, you simply pay the exchange price (fuel only). For OPD tanks..Non OPD = 1 time upgrade.

How many propane tanks should I have?

We think it's smart to have a spare. Running out of propane at the wrong time can ruin a great dinner. If you keep an extra full tank in a safe place you will always have a quick solution when you run out of propane.

What's the safe way to store a spare tank of propane?

Propane storage is temperature sensitive. If you keep a tank of propane in your garage, carport or anywhere else that gets hot, you run the risk of the gas expanding and escaping through the pressure relief valve on the tank. Keep your tank away from high temperatures and children.

Is there a tank deposit?

There is not. Pick-Up Propane™ offers propane tank exchange through our retail network as a simple way to buy the gas without worrying about the tank. You'll never have an old rusty propane tank when you use our convenient tank exchange. We sell the tank and fuel together. If you provide us an empty tank we give you an exchange price.

Will you accept a competitor's tank?

We will and we do, every day of the week. Our locations are typically much more convenient and we see tanks from other companies all the time. Yes, we will allow you to exchange any 20lb barbecue gas tank for a clean, safety-inspected Pick-Up Propane™ tank.

Can I sell Pick-Up Propane™ at my business?

That depends but we'd love to talk to you about it. Contact us and we'll tell you what you need to know about becoming a part of our retailer network. We're adding stores all the time so don't hesitate to let us know if you are interested!